Can I sign up with the minumum base fee of 1 artwork and after one week add new pics, and continue to add more from time to time

Yes, whenever you want you can buy new spaces at any time adding new artworks on your profile. The basic registration fee required as partial coverage for organizational expenses has been set at 40 Euros for 1 work. Each additional work has a cost of 5 euros. It is possible to register an unlimited number of works, remove and add them them even after the time of enrollment for the entire period of the prize. In this way you will increase your visibility and the chance of capture the interest of the jury. This policy will also allow you to add from time to time your latest works made within the deadline of the competition.

I posted a wrong picture. Can I replace it?

Yes, of course you can. Enter your own page and open the photo you want to change. Once you have open the window, click on the express link to delete the photo and confirm. At this point, update the page again and proceed to a new entry. If you have any difficulties please contact us at

I have some problems with the uploading of my artworks. There are any limit in size and dimensions?

Yes, the photo that you can enter must be in Jpg and RGB format and should not exceed 2 Mb in size and do not exceed 2000 pixels for the width. Please, control also that in the name of the document there is no special characters such as apostrophes or brackets. If you have already respected these parameters, but you can not load the work and/or display them on your profile, please send us an email to info@premio