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darla n barolini-lawrence

Place of birth: Hastings on Hudson
Date of birth: 21/11/1991
works and lives at Hastings on Hudson

 I come from a diverse cultural back ground my father is from Brazil and my mother is from Italy. Both these cultures have influenced my artwork. I have the love of traditional portraiture and figurative painting as seen in Italy, and love for expressive bright colors and emotions that I found in Brazil.

Visual art has always been my favorite and strongest communication tool.

I am an observer of people and a storyteller 

I love to make representational and

figurative art with narratives. I attempt to visually communicate and paint connectedness between people. My paintings have sometimes been referred to as friendship paintings. However, I try and go deeper than that by hiding an underlining tension or strangeness in the figures expressions. I like to narrow in on the expressiveness of faces, body posture and gestures. To set the stage for my paintings I use strong lines, bold brush strokes of color.