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Julia Parkinson

Place of birth: New Zealand
Date of birth: 12/12/1974
works and lives at London

Parkinson's work demonstrates a physically intimate exploration of materiality, transformation and scale. Concerned with the interaction and tension between man made structures and those of nature, she uses methods of intervention to create unpredictable results.

Parkinson works in two and three dimensions using rudimentary materials such as sand, steel, wax and pigment. Her use of weathered or etched steel, simultaneously points to a configuration of erosion as well as the cyclical process of production where natural materials find their way into contemporary architecture.

Parkinson makes large strokes on small canvases and vice versa, from work as small as 10cm, to installations that fill entire rooms. Scale is used to temper experience. Wall pigment works loom large like paint in a swimming pool, at once immersive and restless. Wax works betray the grand size of their landscape inspiration, akin to small segments of moon rock.

Working with the materials is a collaborative process. Parkinson heightens this through a mixture of control and letting substances do their own thing in their own time.  The result is a metaphysical exploration deeply rooted in a choice of raw materials, which enable the artist to suspend states of fluidity and construction.