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Gaia Adducchio

Place of birth: Roma
Date of birth: 20/12/1979
works and lives at Roma


The dossier here proposed is based on 22 photos. Size: 30x40 cm, with passé-partout 50x70. All the prints are analog on baryta paper, realized by the artist herself.

The photos 08, 11, 14, 16 and 17 are available also in size 50x60 cm, with passé-partout 70x100.


Many of my works are born from the sharp awareness of my mortality and the one of the people I love. Very often I keep on coming back again and again on this theme in the attempt of exorcising a thought I can’t really emancipate myself from. In my photos, I’m trying to make tangible, to materialize an unconscious, almost dreamish perception of the reality that surrounds me.

Photography is, among the expressive means of human kind, the one that more than others lives fully the contradiction of the absolute co-existence between the overcoming of death and its testimony, becoming this way its emblem.

“Naked:#she” was born by this contradiction of terms. I liked to explore, with an esthetic that recalls a memory of death, the body as an agent of life and therefor also of eroticism. My subjects, for now exclusively female characters, removed from their dresses, wear always masks that preserve their identity and underline their archetypical function in the pictures. During our photographic sessions they have been playing with the idea of sensuality, pornography, grace, femininity and maternity, overruling very often limits and definitions.

As with my first project “Family Portraits”, here the photos are exclusively analog too, the result of a double exposure realized at the moment of the shooting. The photos are then welcomed with their flaws (such as scratches, not always precise overlapping, black stripes etc.) in order to underline their physicality, the uniqueness of every single shot, unrepeatable and subjected to the rules of casualty like the lives of every single individual.


Gaia Adducchio


After graduating in film direction at FAMU, the National Film School of Prague, Czech Republic, and gaining awards and funding for projects both of fiction and documentaries (MIBAC 2009 – funding by the Italian Ministry of Art and Culture for the realization of her first documentary, MIBAC 2010 funding by the Italian Ministry of Art and Culture for the developing of her first feature film), in 2013 Gaia decides to dedicate herself also to the art of photography. Therefor she attends “Advanced Photography” classes by the Centro Sperimentale di Fotografia (CSF Adams) in Rome, Italy.
That same year a small project of six photos on fatherhood wins a special mention for the competition “Mirror Games – the one and his own contrary” during the artistic event Cascina Farsetti Art 2014.
In 2015 Gaia works on her first theatrical direction “Il giuramento - The oath” thanks to an artistic residence offered by the independent theatre “Teatro Studio 1”, Rome, Italy.
Meanwhile she attends “Street Photography” classes at the CSF Adams. In this occasion she discovers the art of experimental photography and goes back to her ancient love of shooting on analog devices.
Her experience during “Street” leads Gaia to the possibility of attending a one-year artistic residence by the CSF Adams in order to develop her first major photographic project entirely realized on analog devices. In 2016 she attends a permanent workshop for play-writers by Serena Sinigaglia e Renata Ciaravino in the Atir Teatro Ringhiera in Milan, while her photographic project “Family Portraits” has its international debut at Prague Photo 2016, Czech Republic. In October “Family Portraits” participates to the 1st edition of Biennale di Arte Moderna Perugia, Italy, during which it gains a Special Mention, while in January 2017 it is shown at the TAG - Tevere Art Gallery, in Rome, Italy.
In February 2017, being part of a new, collective project by young photographers from the CSF Adams “Music and Photography”, Gaia’s photos are exhibited at the Caffè Letterario, in Rome, Italy.
In April one of her work from the project “Family Portraits ” is selected to attend the collective exhibition “Woman’s essence” in Paris, France, while her second larger scale photographic project “Naked:#she” debuts at the Prague Photo 2017 edition, Czech Republic. In July  a selection from her series "Milonga Garage" is shown as part of a collective taking place at TAG - Tevere Art Gallery.
In October 2017 a selection from “Family Portraits” is exhibited during the juried international photography exhibition “Portraits without faces” in the prominent spaces of Ph21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary and to the traveling exhibition “ExpoPhoto, 2017- Italy: taste of beauty”  promoting Italian photography in Rome, Lishui (China), Naples, Milan and Turin, while a selection from the project “Naked:#she” participates to the collective art exhibition “We Contemporary” organized by Musa International Art Space in Palazzo Velli Expo in Rome, Italy and the Spivakovska Art Ego Culture Center in Kiev, Ukraine. In November the series "Magritte" on acrobatic performances is part of  the exhibition "Battiti 2017" organized by the cultural association Materiaviva and the Furio Camillo Theater in Rome, Italy.