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Yinan Cheng

Place of birth: Nanchang
Date of birth: 01/06/1988
works and lives at New York

Echo, is intended to create a psychedelic atmosphere, suggestive of brainwashing, which brings viewers into a simulated world of reinterpretation. Using appropriated historical imagery of global contemporary political events, fragments of photographs are reflected off a spinning disco ball onto a darkened room, which divides and converts the interpretation of the images’ original history. The reproduction of images, via the viewers’ use of social media, retells a new history, ultimately redefining our conception of the past.

Revised and re-edited footage from December 2015, produced, performed, written and directed by me in December 2007. Diagram of Modern China aims to symbolize the history of Chinese politics in the past 100 years. Each character and every element in the film is a symbol with its own meaning, mirroring history and reflecting the past, present, and future. However, the meaning is never fixed, and the history is never the truth, but an interpretation.

  • ORA International
  • 2013